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Daniel Craig behind the scenes of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

'Dragon Tattoo' Sequel Won't Write Out Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara Promises [MTV News]

"I’ve been talking a lot with [‘Dragon Tattoo’ director David Fincher] about the sequel, and I don’t know where that rumor was started — but it would never be a possibility," Mara told MTV about rumors of Craig’s exit. "He wouldn’t be written out."

Mara insists that Craig’s role is secure in the sequel, but she was less clear on whether or not Fincher would return to direct “The Girl Who Played with Fire.”

"I would hope that he would," Mara said about the filmmaker’s possible return to the director’s chair. "But no matter what, he’ll definitely have some sort of involvement."

What's Blocking the 'Dragon Tattoo' Sequel at Sony? [The Hollywood Reporter]

What if we could?

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